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Allison sighed “isn’t that awfully cliché”?

“It would be if there were an anime or a light novel” Jessica replied.

“Ok, so what you’re saying is that us, the people on this ship, are trying to take on an agency that has enough power to control the world… potentially”?

Michelle nodded. Allison continued, “So that is to say that it is more or less ‘us against the world”?

Michelle nodded yet again, Allison kept asking questions “Are you fucking retarded?! We can’t fight the world”!

David followed with his own answer “Well, we can either fight against the world, and have a stupidly small chance of winning, or at least living… or we can die once the agency decides to come after us. The other option is to go into hiding. I don’t think I need to explain why that would suck. Also with people like Jesse among us, it wouldn’t work either”.

“So, we split up and die apart, hide until someone fucks up and draws attention, or sit tight and wait for them to come to us. These options suck”, Allison commented.

“We do have this ship you know, and allies scattered around the globe. We kinda gotta pick them up anyways, so we’ll be on the move” Michelle said from the captain’s seat.

“OK, so, where to first? Any particular order for who gets picked up. Better question: how do we tell those who wat to help from those who want to kill”? Allison groaned.

“Well, Rinoa has a database for those answers I believe. Rinoa, who first”?

<<There are approximately 3 agents in the city we are scheduled to land in tomorrow morning. I will notify them>>.

“That’s fine. Set the course and assist Allison with the flight controls. She will have to learn”.

“Wait!? You’re really gonna let me fly this thing?! Do you want to die that badly”?! Allison screamed.

“Did I not just say that Rinoa would be helping you with the controls. Don’t get me wrong, its not like we cant just have her pilot, but there are limits to what an A.I. would do, No offense Rinoa” Michelle replied.

<<None taken. I understand that there are some… less than logical things… that humans do that I would not. I will also admit that these things may occasionally work. I will assist Allison with all necessary controls and help her get accustomed to piloting. I wont let her kill us, at least not what I’m supposed to be teaching her>>.

“Can’t you not let me kill us… ever” Allison whined.

<<Not in a combat situation where there are enemies to factor in. In any case, take the controls, I will be disabling autopilot features one by one>>.

Allison gulped as she returned her hands to the controls. After a gentle shake, the ship was partially under control. Rinoa gave her first lesson.

<<Since we’ll be teaching you, and a craft this size is obvious as well as dangerous, we’ll start with flight altitudes and how to activate optical and radar camouflage>>.

Allison, now with a cold sweat, nodded and followed the directions Rinoa gave. They continued with various scenarios for several hours before everyone retired for the evening.


Michelle’s voice pierced Allison’s sleep and frightened her to the point that she fell out of bed. “All administration, report to the bridge immediately. All other personnel, find an appropriate viewing station. There are announcements to be made. You have four minutes and 27 seconds to comply. Get a move on bitches! Allison, you are administration, in case you were unaware. Get to your station”!

Allison sat wide eyed on the floor for a moment, and was then interrupted by the TV in her room turning itself on. It was again, Michelle. “Hurry up and get off your ass. Sitting on the floor is not moving to the bridge. If you don’t hurry, Emilia will eat the remainder of the doughnuts”. The view on screen panned over to Emilia happily munching on doughnuts and still wearing her unarmored duckie pajamas.

Allison sighed and quickly changed clothes, then immediately went to her post as instructed, grabbing the last of the doughnuts on the way, one of which was directly from Emilia’s hand. Clicking could be heard behind her back as Allison sat down. Without missing a beat, she calmly replied “There are 2 boxes of blueberry mini-muffins in the cabinet to the left right after you enter my room. Put that way and you can have them”.

“Shit, she adjusted even quicker than I thought. I’m kinda impressed, and just short of frightened”. Emilia returned her weapon back to her arm and took a seat. “So, what’s this announcement, o’ captain”.

“Take a look at the screen, this is being simulcast all over the ship. Don’t even bother changing the channel, anything news related has pretty much the same shit” Michelle commented.

Following Michelle’s glance at the screen, Allison, along with everyone else, looked at the screen, on which was displayed a news station, with images of combat displayed. Seconds later, the image split to show many other news stations from around the world broadcasting similar images.

It was Jessica who broke the silence “So, what we’re watching here is…. What exactly”?

“Well, simply put, our enemy has already made their move. Read the captions” Michelle instructed.

“There are none in a language I understand” Jessica muttered.

“The top row says the following: ‘Unknown entity immobilizes national military’. ‘Government taken over by private agency’. ‘Group identified as ‘Butterscotch’ lays siege to military facilities, takes control of government’. ‘National borders dissolved after government takeover’. That’s pretty much what all of them say in more or fewer words”. Aaron finished speaking and continued watching the scenes on the display.

“Holy shit, Aaron did his job” Javon muttered.

“Shut up. This is actually important. Those images without contest equate to simple skirmishes around the globe, or at worst, a world war”.

Michelle sat wide eyed as she glanced at Aaron. “Well, you aren’t wrong. It is as you say, though it would be more accurate to call this a global siege. Our enemy, the agency known as Butterscotch, has already recovered from the events of yesterday and are starting with their plan. They just needed to rid themselves of extra baggage, namely, us and anyone that might support us”.

“OK, so they are taking over the world after all”. David replied.

“They are also eliminating national borders of areas they capture. They are creating a global state” Aaron added.

“Why didn’t you say that before”? Jessica questioned.

“It was on four of the last six channels. I just didn’t feel like saying that much”.

Javon muttered again “I knew Aaron doing his job the right way was too good to be true”.

“What language do I have to translate ‘shut the fuck up’ to, so that you understand and actually do it’ Aaron growled.

“Will you two ladies quit with your lover’s quarrel? We have a serious situation here” Emilia shouted.

Javon and Aaron both glared at Emilia, who merely pat her arm. “What? You two are staring quite hard. Gonna do something or keep flirting”?

“OK, that’s enough from all you fuckers. Back to the situation at hand. Butterscotch is turning the world into a single global state. Although the transition will obviously not be seamless, there is still the fact that we are enemies of the state” Michelle noted.

“And as you said… it’s a global state… ha.. haha… hahahahahaha”! Allison’s pupils shrank and she began to laugh uncontrollably. “You weren’t even kidding. We’re gonna be enemies of the whole world. This is such bullshit I can’t even. I almost thought I was the main character of a TV series or novel or something”!

“I think Ali’s lost it” Emilia sighed. Allison’s small scale breakdown was interrupted by Rinoa.

<<We have arrived at our destination. Our ally is currently under siege by Butterscotch and is holding a position 7.2 miles north-northeast of our present location>>.

“So we’re unloading those who want out first…right”? Jessica questioned.

“Of course. However, the cameras have been on since the main monitor up there turned on, so I figured all of you should know that the entire ship just witnessed all of the exchanges we just made. I only just noticed myself. So, since everyone is watching this like it’s a TV show, send word to the bridge if you want to be dropped off. We should be in what was once Scottland. This is your only chance to flee safely. We’ll be going into battle shortly. You have four minutes to decide”. Michelle gave her notices and returned to the captain’s seat.

Rinoa’s voice followed <<There are no requests for drop off. Messages from all crew have been received. Everyone is on standby. Awaiting confirmation from the bridge crew>>.

“I’m staying” Javon replied. “Me too” David and Jessica answered.

“I’ve already started tracking communications of both sides of the conflict ahead, I’m not going anywhere” Aaron grinned.

“I’m all set here” Mark said from his terminal.

“I gotta test out my new explosives. How the hell could I miss this”?! Jesse said with a fiendish grin.

“I have a lot of stuff to do with this ship, leaving wasn’t an option for me anyways, not that I’d want to” Emilia commented and took her seat.

All gazes fell upon Allison and Michelle. Michelle remained in her seat and glanced back at everyone “What, you’re really asking me if I’m in this or not? Are you stupid”?

<<Please finish deciding quickly. It would seem as though we have been noticed. We have been locked onto by several entities from either side>>.

Allison’s command was next “Rinoa, chart the safest route to the allied encampment. Javon, prepare for ranged combat with manual aim. We’re goin’ in”.

“Alison, just so you know, I am the captain, however, your judgement is right. ALL HANDS PREPARE FOR BATTLE! We engage against all current Butterscotch agents. You have 30 seconds. Move it bitches”!

Allison jumped into the pilot’s seat and the displays lit up. “I’m still new at this, so hang on to your asses”! She lightly pushed up the accelerator controls and the ship headed for its first true battle.
Team Lambda: Advance (Ch 28) have a plot... now to excecute said plot....yay^^"
After 2 hours passed, and Michelle finally told Allison that she wasn’t flying the ship, Allison stopped sweating bullets and lifted Michelle out of her seat. She quickly put her back down, realizing it was in face Michelle who was flying the ship. Allison could only manage to spit out the question “so, what’s our next move, and what exactly happened back there”?

“We gather our allies without getting killed” Michelle calmly stated.

“Why is ‘trying not to get killed’ involved in every plan we have? Can’t we have 1 plan where there is no danger of dying”?

“Yup, you still aren’t truly initiated into the team, which reminds me, you have a choice to make”.

“Eh? Oh, about my contract being void or something, right”?

Michelle nodded. “That’s right. I know it’s a dick move, but I can’t, or won’t tell you the details of what happened should you choose to leave. On the other hand, if you decide to stick around, you’ll have to deal with whatever may come… which include MANY plans where the main objective is to simply not die. If this is a problem, consider your choices wisely”.

Allison gulped. “That’s not fair. I should at least have some idea of why my life is in danger”.

Jessica spoke next “Well, telling her will totally load her choice. It’s almost as unfair as not telling her. She did live after all that’s happened, but could one go back after knowing the truth of the matter”?

Emilia entered from the back of the room “C’mon guys, now that’s not fair. If you’re gonna tease that much, I’ll just tell her myself”.

Jessica interrupted, “Wait, we gotta get Philip and Francisco in here too. There’s something that they need to say to the rest of you. David and I already know”.

Everyone turned their attention to Jessica, who pointed to Aaron. After a short communication was sent, the 2 formerly of team Omega appeared.

“Yes, you rang on mighty…” Philip burst into laughter after attempting to speak those lines to Michelle. “I cant do it… she’s so small…I just cant call her mighty…”

Everyone in the room, except Francisco and Philip held their breath and watched. Michelle launched herself out of her chair with knives drawn. Within the blink of an eye, she was before Philip with a knife to his throat. “I’ll tell you once, since you’re apparently a bit new to the team. If you call me short, I’ll gut you like a fish. If you call me stupid, I’ll gut you like a fish. If you steal my food, or decide you want to use me as the object of a sport, I’ll gut you like a fish. Got it”?

Philip and Francisco nodded as Philip fell to the floor, covered in a cold sweat. Michelle promptly got on the ships intercom and relayed the same message, as well as the warning about Emilia and duckies.

Francisco finally spoke in place of the petrified Philip. “So, you specifically asked for us. What did you need”?

Michelle put her knife away and Jessica replied “We need you to tell the team what you told us. Actually, it would be better if you told everyone on board. Michelle, can we arrange an assembly of some sort”?

“Why do we need to do that, we can just video relay it though the ship, It’ll display on every screen. Rinoa, make it happen” Michelle ordered.

<<The focus of the video is Francisco Vila, correct”>>

“How the hell did you get my last name”?!

<<I was one of the central A.I. of the Butterscotch agency. I have detailed information regarding all members, active or otherwise, that have been involved in the agency dating back 57 years>>.

“Oh, shit… that’s not creepy” Francisco muttered.

<<Don’t worry, I’m not like Glados, I wont preform ‘tests’ or anything like that. Also, I don’t make cake, so don’t even ask”>>

“Did she really just…”? David asked.

“So, that happened. To answer the question, yes Rinoa, Francisco is the focus. Begin transmission on his command” Michelle ordered.

Francisco nodded and transmission began. He stood still for a moment, a result of stage fright, and pointed to Michelle, who started speaking.

“As most of you know, the agency is now in chaos. Those of you who are here, either saw this coming, or took an oath of alliance to certain individuals at some point. In case you are not aware, if you are on board, you are likely now considered an enemy of the Butterscotch agency. I will be referring to that as BS agency for short. You are no longer under contract with the BS agency, and as of this moment, are rogue agents with no national affiliation aside from your country of origin. We ill be stopping briefly at a nearby city tomorrow morning. This will be your chance to leave the conflict without consequence. Know that if we see you again, and you are against us, there will be no hesitation on our end to do what needs to be done. That being said, we have a message from Francisco, formerly of team omega, yes, I know what I said… don’t ask”. Michelle then pointed to Francisco, and the camera changed again.

“Uhm, well… It’s about Conrad. It’s believed that he’s acting under orders either from a malicious third party, or agency administration which is corrupt. He not only intended to eliminate team lambda during the squad games. He is also partially responsible the numerous attacks and unusual events that have been occurring across the base and surrounding area. He, and other individuals across the agency, view team Lambda as a threat to some sort of plan, the details of which, I am unclear. Threats against his own teammates and other teams were common, as were the skirmishes between him and Jesse. It is for that reason, among others why you find us, formerly of team Omega, here. Long story short, Conrad is up to something, and he’s an asshole, so we bailed and are sticking with the only team who doesn’t seem to fear him”.

The broadcast ended there and Michelle turned to Allison. “Well, that’s most of the story. If you want the rest, I’ll need your answer. You in, or shall we leave you at the next town”?

“Well, I still have to make some duckie boots and modify at least 1 set of pajamas for Emilia, and I’ll make a set for you too, so I guess I’ll stick around. I don’t want to owe you guys anything”.

Jessica laughed and fell out of her chair “Did you really just play the tsundere card?! It really doesn’t suit you”!

“True. In any case, I’ll stick around. I like you guys, and its not like they wont be looking for me. That fear will always be there. At least I’d have the ability to fight back if I stick around. Now, what’s the other part of that reason”?

Michelle nodded with a stern expression “BS is a big agency with a lot of power. Simply put, we suspect that the agency is aiming for world domination”.
Team Lambda: Truth (Ch 27)
the beginning of the start of the end...
Emilia fixed her posture after landing and looked around, noticing the rest of the team waiting for her. “So, can we go now”? Jessica asked.

“I was wondering the same thing. What are we waiting on? Things seem a bit crazy”. Allison.

Michelle replied next “simple, dealing with the air lock in one go is just easier. Lets hurry up before they catch up”.

“Did you just say air lock?! Are we getting on a submarine or something”?! Allison shouted.

“Not a submarine…” Michelle replied as she found a small hole near her foot. “Everyone get in the circle”. After making sure everyone was in the circle, she took a key and dropped it in the hole by her foot. As she turned it, the floor beneath them began to shake and lowered itself, then was quickly covered from above.

A mechanical voice, female, yet different from Rinoa, spoke. <<Pressure checks complete. Clear for boarding. Please proceed>>. Another door to the side opened and they followed their given route. Allison merely followed the group, well, most of it, as Emilia and Jesse split off at some point.

“So, where are we”? Allison asked while glancing around nervously.

“The only remaining safe place for us on base, or to be more exact, 100 meters below the main bottom floor of the base”.

“Main bottom? You aren’t making any sense”.

“If you’re gonna ask so many questions, go help Emilia in the infirmary. Otherwise just sit tight and don’t worry about it. You’ll get your answers soon enough”. Allison promptly shut her mouth and obediently followed. After a few more seconds of walking, Michelle came to a stop in what appeared to be darkened room. “Rinoa, ready launch sequence”.

Rinoa’s voice soon followed. <<Understood. Would you prefer being designated as ‘captain’ or should I continue calling you ‘Lady Michelle’”>>?

“’Lady’ is fine. Do me a favor and give Allison the short version of where we are and what’s about to happen. Everyone else, to your stations. Aaron, make yourself useful and get the old bastard up on screen. Mark, preform the extra pre-launch checks. Jessica, bring me a lemonade”.

Everyone complied with their orders except for Jessica who replied “What the fuck do I look like”?!

“Well, I’d send Aaron or Allison, but Aaron just got work to do, and Ali is completely lost, David is still technically recovering, and Javon scratched his balls a minute ago, so I wouldn’t want him handling anything I’m about to consume”.

Jessica shot Javon the finger and walked off, returning moments later with a bottle of lemonade. Rinoa then began her explanation.

<<We are on the bridge of the R.S.S. ship, approximately 247 meters below ground level. The base is currently still in a state of chaos and we are awaiting Colonel Dumbass’s communication before commencing with the launch>>.

“So, we’re fighting or something”?

<<Negative. We are leaving. This area is not safe and is now nearly completely hostile to this team. Most of the agency should be the same”>>.

“What?! We’re enemies of the agency?! How the hell did this happen?” Allison screamed.

On the main monitor at the front center of the bridge, the face of their commanding officer, Colonel Dumbass appeared and gave a timely response. “It’s actually quite a long story that some rather far sighted individuals came up with. There are plans were discovered that must be stopped… as well as other things. Now’s not the time though. Your team can give the details later, Rinoa should have them all. Is everything ready on your end? I think my defenses will hold for another sixty seconds at best”.

“You heard the man! Status reports mother fuckers”! Michelle shouted.

Aaron spoke up “Communication systems online with all sections of the ship. Visual surveillance of the base is forty percent disrupted. None of the essential areas are affected. Launch route is clear. All green here”.

Next was Mark. “Main, auxiliary, and reserve fuel tanks are filled and standing by. Munitions are stocked. Reactors and engines are operating normally under idle status. All non-lambda occupants have been loaded and accounted for and are signaling launch ready. Emilia and Jesse are apparently also ready. We are waiting on…. Aww fuck”!

“What”? Michelle tilted her head. “What’s the hold up”.

“It seems as though two weapons are being mounted and there’s a small hold up in the lower loading bay… wait, that’s not the loading bay, that’s the drop-ship deployment gate. What the fuck”?!

“Rinoa, bring it on screen. Bring up the weapons connection status and video feed as well” Michelle ordered.

<<The weapon attachments have just been completed. They will need to be calibrated, which is already in progress… now complete. As for the loading through the drop gate, it appears as though the firing range keeper is loading a craft. He just completed it. Proceeding to close the gates>>.

“That fucking hick bastard is holding us up. You ready over there old man? You sure you cant get to us, and don’t want us to come get you”?

“Yeah, I’m sure. It would take too much time, effort, risk all of the preparations, and besides, I can’t fucking stand you idiots”.

“Fine then, die in a fire for all I care. You gonna at least take care of the launch distractions, right”?

“Yeah, now hurry up and confirm ready so I can hit this big ass red button. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this”!

Allison’s eyes widened “He really is a strange old fuck isn’t he”?

“Yes I am. Now, sit down, you’re about to take off” Dumbass ordered.

“Yes sir” Allison quickly found a seat. Michelle redirected her “No, you’re sitting up there”.

“That looks like a pilot’s seat. Wait, you said take-off. We’ve been walking in this thing for some number of minutes. Don’t tell me this thing fucking flies”?!

Michelle grinned “Yup, welcome aboard the airborne battle-carrier, the R.S.S Lucid Valkyrie. Take your seat and buckle up baby! We’re in for a bit of a rough ride”!

Allison took her assigned seat and buckled in “are you seriously putting me in the pilot’s seat?! What the hell, I can’t fly something like this! I haven’t even seen it, I don’t know shit”!

“Relax, most of the take-off work will be handled by Rinoa, I’ll also be copiloting. Javon, get to the ranged weapons controls already and next time keep your damn hands out of your pants! Mark, has Bubba secured the last of his payload”?

Javon glared at Michelle and did as he was told and took to the controls. Mark nodded in response to Michelle’s question.

“Rinoa, any other hindrances we need to be made aware of”?

<<There appears to be a group of hostiles sitting on the launch gate. They apparently have no idea, but there are some truck sitting on it. They will block the path and make the launch unsafe. Otherwise, all is fine with the ship and all on board>>.

“Well old bastard, this is the kind of is your business right? That button got a solution for this”?

Dumbass grinned and shot Michelle the finger. “Who the fuck do you think we are? Of course I got plans for this”. An explosion sounded behind him. Dumbass turned and shot the finger in the direction of the explosion and yelled “SUCK IT FUCKERS”! He then could be seen slamming his hand down on a button, after which his video feed cut off.

“He didn’t just…”?! Allison gasped.

“No time to worry about it. Everyone, brace yourselves. Things are gonna shake a bit, then we’re leaving. Rinoa, give us a countdown when you’re ready”. Rumbles and the sound of distant explosions came seconds later. Seconds passed afterwards: one, two… ten, what felt like an eternity passed.

Rinoa’s voice broke the silent and tense atmosphere in the bridge <<Commencing launch in ten seconds as all checks are complete. Commencing countdown from eight seconds…>>

“This is really happening isn’t it”? Allison muttered. Jessica, who was sitting slightly behind her to the right simply replied “It’s Ok, we’ll manage”.

<<Five… four>>

“But…” Allison whined.


“No buts, we’re going now” David spoke from behind and to the left of her.

<<two… one. Launching>>

The feeling of being pinned back in one’s seat assaulted Allison as she held the controls of the ship, though there weren’t supposed to be doing anything at the moment. They rapidly accelerated down what was apparently an underground runway. Rinoa’s voice continued <<Initializing ultry-heavy rail acceleration>>. The force doubled nearly instantly as the ship picked up speed. Allison felt a slight incline, slowly becoming a sharper incline and finally, out of the blurry view from the bridge windows, the artificial light gave way to a crimson-tinted sky.

Aaron spoke “Radar stealth is now active. They’ll have a harder time hitting us with heavy weapons now”.

Javon could be heard next “Preparing pre-emptive counter attack, engaging…” Javon could be seen at the controls with a focused look on his face, occasionally pulling a trigger, after which a light shake could be felt and an explosion afterwards.

Michelle’s orders were given anew “Rinoa, increase thrust output by twenty percent. We need to get out of here as soon as possible.

<<If I do, autopilot will no longer function with Javon using weapons during the ascent>>.

“That’s fine, just give control over to Allison”.

“What”?! Allison shouted yet again.

“You’ll be flying in a few seconds. Hands on the controls. We’ll help, but try not to kill us please” Michelle winked”.

“Step one… grab the controls. Step two… don’t kill us all. Step three… don’t let anyone else kill us” Allison repeated as if it were a mantra.

Michelle nodded readied an auxiliary control panel “I’ll just let her think she’s flying for a while” she muttered with a grin as the base became a small red speck in the distance.
Team Lambda: Unbound yet Restricted (ch 26)
and so continues teh saga of team lambda... the rules have changed, and the game is ALL fucked up
“Even I can’t blame you for that. Things here are going to go from stupid to insane and it’s gonna happen in a hurry” Aaron commented.

Allison glanced at Aaron’s room on the screen. “Is that a whip hanging on your wall”?

“Yeah, it is. And before you ask… the answer is almost certainly ‘no’. Mark, can you have Rinoa carefully retrieve that. It’s a bit of a special item”.

Mark nodded towards the request and moments later, some strange type of robot was sent to retrieve the item, which it did, including the section of wall the whip was hanging from. It brought it back to the lab. Mark pointed towards Aaron and the robot presented him with the broken section of wall, and whip. Aaron merely scratched his head and took the whip. “I assume clothes and such are already taken care of, since my room is apparently empty of everything else”.

<<Correct. Everything has been loaded into your living quarters as size would best allow>>.

“Oh, so she is still here”? Aaron said with a laugh.

<<I’m ALWAYS here, ALWAYS watching, ALWAYS waiting>>.

“That was fucking creepy”! Aaron shouted.

<<I know. I scanned the contents of your personal library. It seems that based on the subject matter, that type of statement would’ve gotten a reaction out of you. I am quite pleased as to the result>>.

“Mark, your friend here… has quite the sense of humor” Aaron groaned.

“Oh, glad you noticed” Mark laughed, then turned serious “Rinoa, how goes the loading of other personnel’s equipment? We’ll have to move soon”!

<<Loading for 21 out of 23 people is complete. Ammunition and fuel loading is complete. Food and living supplies are fully stocked. The bar is also fully stocked>>.

“Way to go Rinoa”! Javon shouted.

“Wait… 21 out of 23”? David pondered for a moment, scratching his head.

<<Yes, they are personnel who helped with the level project, along with those loyal to directive 6. They do not include any members of the original team lambda. Philip and Francisco, formally of team omega, are not included in this number either. They have left their original team to join team lambda. Target designations for them have already been changed to that of team lambda>>.

“So, we have new members? Did they sign the contract”? David questioned.

Michelle groaned “About that, as of the initialization of directive 6, the need for those types of contracts, doesn’t exactly exist”.

“What the fuck is directive 6? It makes less and less sense”! Allison screamed.

Michelle put her hand on Allison’s shoulder “Calm the hell down Ali, I’ll get to that in just a second. First, before any of that, there’s something that affects you. Directive 6 makes your contract null and void. You are a member of team lambda and as such, our rules apply to you instead of the BS agency”.

“Oh, so, my contract is… void… wait, wouldn’t that mean that”…

“Yes, as of this very moment, aside from the fact that you are on a base filled with people trying to kill each other, you are a regular civilian in the eyes of the agency, or what’s left of it, and a provisional recruit in the eyes of team lambda. In short, you are free to go if you want”.

Allison’s eyes widened as she glanced at the rest of the team. “I’m, free to go? I wont get shot or anything? No threats of execution, bullets to the back? No bullshit”?

Every member of team lambda nodded. Allison stated back “but if I’m free, what about you guys? Are you still bound by something? Surely you can’t be sticking around willingly with how well some of you get along and how some things are with this team… right”?

“Well, under nearly any other circumstance, I’d agree with you. Unfortunately, we’re burdened with knowledge that makes us dealing with each other preferable to… other events”. Michelle lowered her head. “It’s not that I don’t wanna go, I just wont really be able to run now. The opposition knows who I am, and what I can do. I will be eliminated quickly alone. Just like before, my best bet for survival is with these guys. You can still be removed from the system since you were provisional. You have a chance at a normal life. Most of the rest of us… well… don’t”. Michelle glanced around at her team. Her gaze was received with nods all around.

“Well, fuck… I’m not sure what to say, but at the very least, I would need your help to get out of here, right”? Allison replied.

“True, by the way, I think a certain old bastard has been on screen behind us for a while”. Michelle turned around and gave Mr. Dumbass 2 middle fingers. “Hey old man, how long have you been there. How much did you hear? Your answer will determine how many fingers you keep”

“I’ll say I heard only the part about help getting out. I see directive 6 is going along about as well as could be expected. Death and carnage everywhere, sounds about right. In any case, I have just received the update from Rinoa. Loading is complete, you’re ready to launch. I just have to create the proper distraction, unfortunately, my position is pinned down from any escape points, so I’m stuck”.

“You could ask for help ya know! Fucking idiot”. Michelle snarled.

“It’s Dumbass, you dumbass. You wouldn’t make it in time, and once you launch, turning around isn’t exactly an option. There are contingencies for such an event. Rinoa will brief you if you don’t already remember. I’ll see to it that you get a proper distraction and the proper support. Don’t fuck it up”.

“Ha! Who the fuck do you think we are?! Support, fuck, we just need people who can keep up, and the occasional meat shield”! Michelle said with an evil laugh.

“It’s scary to think that the hopes of freedom shall rest within your hands. Anyways, there’s this big red button here I’ve been dying to press. Everyone else is now accounted for except for those present in your room. I suspect you don’t have long. My door is going to be broken down shortly, and according to video feeds, yours will too. Hurry up already so I can press the damn button”!

“Whatever. Mark, where’s the hatch”? Michelle turned and asked.

“The extra room over there, same that you always change in”. As mark finished, a loud explosion could be heard at the door. “Well, good thing that door is armored”.

<<Bad news, that door can’t take another explosion like that. They are using high amounts of explosives. I’m surprised the walls are still intact>>.

“Well, lets get going. I don’t think we’re gonna make it if we wait too long” Aaron muttered.

Everyone moved towards the other room, David and Javon helped Jesse, who was still wounded and losing blood. Emilia waited for everyone to enter, then turned to enter herself, just as the door was blasted away. Emilia slammed the door and turned to watch everyone slide down a hatch. “Leave Jesse. He’ll slow you down, I’ll take him instead”!

David and Javon left Jesse and slid down the ladder heading to parts unknown. Gunshots from Rinoa’s turrets could be heard through the walls and explosions followed, along with the silence of the guns.

Emilia picked up Jesse and prepared to descend, just as the door was blown open. She let gravity take her and Jesse as she closed the hatch above her.

As she descended, she smiled wryly to herself and muttered “Last time, it was you who carried me like this, wasn’t it”?

Jesse smiled lightly and muttered in reply “funny how that works, huh. Are you enjoying holding me up like this, with your hands under my ass”?

“I enjoy it about as much as you trying to grab my tits. Quit or I drop you”.

“Alright, fine. I suppose I owe you one though”.

“Not really, I mean, not for this much. You only owe me your entire being, no biggie”

Jesse smiled again “such a slave driver you are. Well, I can say that if I must owe someone anything, I would at least prefer it to be you”.

Emilia nearly forgot to activate her thrusters as she reached the bottom of the shaft, causing quite a rough landing for two of them.

“Just cuz I owe you doesn’t mean you can be so rough you know…”

Jesse couldn’t see Emilia’s face, which was red to the ears. He could only hear her reply “shut up. When you get that arm patched up, I’ll have you make sure this set of pajamas is clean for getting blood all over them”!

Jesse sighed “now how the fuck am I supposed to clean armored pajamas”?
Team Lambda: The Fissure (Ch 25-2)
...and all the more real things get!
also...i think the answer is "dry-clean only"
Philip and Francisco ran amidst the chaos and gunfire occurring between random groups on base. The pair ran towards an inconspicuous supply shed. Philip asked questioningly “you think that Dumbass guy can be trusted? I mean, he is affiliated with team Lambda, and is part of the agency’s administration”.

Francisco sighed “now’s not the time to get cold feet. Shoulda questioned him before taking up the offer to help 2 months ago. If you’re having second thoughts, back out now, but decide your side quickly, so I’ll know if I should shoot you or not”.

“You know, I could kill you too, but a deathmatch does make the choice fall heavily in favor of me tagging along. In either case, it’s either die now or die later in some fucked up way. Let’s get inside already before we get spotted”.

Philip and Francisco quickly entered the supply shed. After turning on the lights, they glanced around briefly. “I don’t see any levers or anything. What were we supposed to do again”? Philip asked.

“Idiot, he seriously just gave us directions on the way here, we’re supposed to go over to the third crat on the left, move it…”

“I remember most of that stupidly long and specific set of directions, but what will it accomplish”?

“If someone who is technically your boss tells you to do something, you generally do it” Francisco insisted.

“Not if his name is Dumbass”!

Unable to reply, Francisco continued moving and shifting items around, following whatever oddly specific instructions they were given over a secure communication channel. 15 minutes later after throwing a dart which was in a crate, and hitting the outer ring of the one point area of a dart board on the wall, a portion of the wall moved backwards.

Philip stared at the wall while sweaty after moving objects. “We couldn’t have just thrown the damn dart”?!

“Apparently not. Anyways, let’s see what happens from here”. Francisco pushed against the wall, which continued to move back, revealing a small passageway. The path continued on for about ten meters, finally coming to a stop at a large red lever. “Oh, this looks fun”.

“I’m pulling the lever”!

“Wait”! Francisco stopped Philip as he was reaching for the lever. “Dumbass said that once we pull this, things will change. What do you suppose that means”?

“Fuck if I know. Can I pull the lever already”?

“Well, aren’t we allied with lambda now? Wouldn’t that make us official lambda members or something”?

Philip froze in his tracks “Why the fuck would you WANT to be associated with that team? I’m still debating this whole thing just because of their field record”!

“You saw them in the games though. Like an entirely different team. And there’s that cute new girl. You heard about her flight training I’m sure”.

“You want this? To be part of them”?!

Francisco sighed “Look, I’m just saying that there seems to be more to them than what everyone expects. I guess I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides, things are about to get crazy according to Dumbass”.

“I get the feeling we signed up for something far larger than any of us…” Philip muttered. “Oh well! Fuck it, I’m pulling the lever”! With a hardy shout, Philip reached up and pulled the lever with all his might, only to dangle helplessly as the lever was far heavier than anticipated.

Francisco pointed to a panel on the wall, entered a code, and then pulled the lever. Seconds passed as Philip raged, having been robbed the joy of pulling the lever. The floor beneath them began to shake, then descend at a steady pace.


Team lambda watched as black, red, and green flares flew into the sky simultaneously from various areas around the base. Michelle grinned “Well, it’s time for a little fun. Permission granted to fire at will. Bring though who want to tag along, and take no prisoners”!

“Wait, are you saying it’s ok to fire on our comrades?! What the actual fuck”! Allison shouted.

“Well, I’ll explain once we get back to Mark’s lab. Until then, GUNS UP BITCHES”! Michelle drew her knives and stormed ahead, followed by most of team lambda, wielding guns. Emilia cleared the way, while the rest of the team provided support.

After finally gaining entry to the lab and meeting up with the remainder of the team, Allison asked “Ok, what the fuck is going on here?! We killed twelve people on the way here, who should have all been allies, right? There’s no way this is OK”!

“Well, they did fire on us first, fortunately most of them suck at shooting. In either case, ‘directive 6’ has been initiated” Michelle replied.

“What the fuck is ‘directive 6’”? Allison questioned again.

“Well, simply put, the agency has now been split into two opposing factions”. Michelle nodded.

“You’re fucking kidding”!

“Now why would I lie about something like that after killing three people which used to be allies. They fired on us. This base is under attack from itself, and people who you thought you knew are out to kill you. It’s that simple”.

Allison shouted “that doesn’t sound simple at all. What kind do shit does one have to go through for this kind of thing to seem even remotely normal”?!

“Hun, that’s a rabbit hole you don’t wanna go down. And even if you were crazy enough to ask, and I was willing to answer, now isn’t the time or the place”. Michelle turned to Mark “How go the preparations”?

Mark looked at the screen “about 98% complete. I’ll bring up individual areas to finish loading”.

On screen, each member’s room was displayed, or what was left of it. Most rooms were completely barren, void of all furniture and decorations, not that there were many decorations to begin with.

“What the hell happened to our room”?! Allison shouted.

“Rinoa moved it” Emilia replied “and not just ours, everyone’s from this team. If I remember correctly, it’s one of those things Michelle had considered a possibility quite some time ago”.

“You’re not making any sense Ems”.

Jessica answered next “Think about it. With a record like ours, and a combination of talents this strong, did you think we could really coexist with most of the agency? Then again, that’s not actually the main point of all this, just the start of another act”.

“I don’t like the way this is sounding…” Allison whimpered.
Team Lambda: The Fissure (Ch 25-1)
aaaaand... shit just gets more and more real
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